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Updated: 23 Oct 2013

Most of my projects have been implemented using the D3 libraries and the D3 mapping components use GeoJSON and TopoJSON. When building the Census Explorer, I needed a provincial map of South Africa in GeoJSON format. Google didn’t know where to find any so I had to make one.

The necessary shapefiles can be found here: http://www.demarcation.org.za/

You can then convert shapefiles to GeoJSON and TopoJSON using the topojson command line tool, or just use http://www.mapshaper.org/. Plus it lets you reduce the topology complexity and the size of the JSON file to download.

Or just use the ones I have already made:

District Municipalities
Local Municipalities
All in One

If all you need is an SVG, here is a simplified one I made when starting this process.


6 thoughts on “JSON Topology Maps”

  1. Hi

    Thanks a lot – been reading your articles on mapping in d3 ( very useful ) specifically the provincial mapping json files you have so graciously created!


  2. Thanks for making this! It’s really nice to see what kind of effort you put into producing the sites and data! 🙂

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