Shazam’s huge São Tomé and Príncipe User Base

I had the pleasure of watching Cait O’Riordan speaking at last week’s Strata Hadoop in London. While she presented a fantastic talk, the one thing that struck me was a brief visualisation showing Shazam user activity around the world. Continue reading “Shazam’s huge São Tomé and Príncipe User Base”

Skirt Width vs Beard Frequencies

I do like a good graph about beards, but when it makes a correlation with other fashion items, its even better.  This lovely piece in The Atlantic covers beard length and general facial hair coverage as far back as accurate recordings go. As interesting as it is, this graph made it worth reposting: Skirt Width vs Beard Frequencies. Continue reading “Skirt Width vs Beard Frequencies”

Those Wacky Cartographers

In 1988 the Proclaimers unleashed the song I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) on an unsuspecting pub song singing audience. It quite likely the created the first song in the world that if you were caught not singing along to the chorus, you would be ejected from the pub and publicly shunned until it was your round.

That song did get me to think about what it would be like walking 1000 miles (500, and then 500 more). That’s about the distance from here to Cape Town, which is an uncomfortable flight or a very dull, tiring drive. Walking it would be madness. For the Proclaimers, who presumably started in Leith, walking 500 miles in any one direction poses a logistical problem. Enter the cartographers. The first map exploring this problem would have been how I would have looked at it too:

BoADpGpCEAEChTo Continue reading “Those Wacky Cartographers”